Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

Duration 1 Year Eligibility: Letter from Employer +
Academic Qualification
Marks 1000 Assessment Time 2 Months
Passing Marks 60% Award Time 4 Weeks
ACCREDITATION of Prior Learning relates to the learning of individuals and can be defined as learning from the past that is subsequently credited against a (new) qualification and thus given exemption from taking part of qualification in question and Diploma is awarded directly to the registered candidate within 8/12 weeks.APL relates to credit and exemption from part of a (new) program of study, not meeting admission requirements for a program of study.

APL is dependent on the level, content and achievement of previous learning, and the congruence of the learning outcomes of the previous learning to the learning outcomes of the program of study for which credit or exemption in being sought.

OSSESSION of prior learning does not confer Right of entry to any program of study.


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