Advanced Nebosh Health Safety Environment (2 Years)
Health & Safety Foundations

  • Basic Definitions
  • Employers Basic Responsibility
  • Sources of Information on Health and Safety
  • Moral, Legal and Financial reasons for Health and Safety
  • ILO-OSH 2001 Guidelines
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Setting Policy for Health & Safety

  • Organization of Health and Safety
  • Arrangements of Health and Safety

Organizing for Health & Safety

  • Employer’s Responsibilities
  • Typical Managers – Organization Responsibilities
  • Role & Functions Health and Safety parishioners and other advisors
  • Supply Chain & General duties of suppliers, manufacturers and designers

Promoting for a Positive Health & Safety Culture

  • Safety Culture & Safety Performance
  • Human Factors and their influence on safety performance
  • The Development of a positive health and Safety culture

Risk Assessment

  • Aims and Objectives of the risk assessment
  • Identifying the Hazards
  • Principles and practices of Risk Assessment

Principles of Controls

  • Principles of Prevention
  • General control Measures
  • Controlling Health Risks
  • Safe System of Works
  • Emergency Planning Procedures
  • First Aid at Work

Monitoring, Review and Audit

  • The Traditional Approach to measuring health and safety performance
  • Proactive or active monitoring – How to measure performance

Occupational Incident and Accident Investigation Recording and Reporting

  • Process and purpose of investigating accidents, ill-health and other occurrences
  • Basic Investigating procedures
  • Identifying the causes

Indentifying the remedial actions

Movement of People & Vehicles – Hazards and Control

  • Hazards to pedestrians
  • Control Strategies for pedestrian hazards
  • Management of Vehicle movement
  • Managing occupational road Safety

Manual and Mechanical Handling Hazards and Control

  • Manual Handling Hazards and injuries
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments
  • Safety in the use of lifting and moving equipment
  • Types of Mechanical Handling and lifting equipment

Electrical Hazards and Control

  • Principles of Electricity & Some definitions
  • Hazards of Electricity
  • Control Measures for Electrical Hazards
  • Portable Electrical Appliances Testing

Fire Hazards and Control

  • Basic Principles of Fire
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Fire Protection in Buildings
  • Provision of Firefighting equipment
  • Fire Emergency Plan

Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Control

  • Health Hazards of specific hazards and their consequences
  • Risks associated with Hazardous substances
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Health Surveillance and Personal Hygiene
  • Waste Disposals and Control of Pollution

Physical and Psychological Hazards and Control

  • Welfare and work environment issues
  • Noise
  • Heat and radiation hazards
  • The Cause and prevention of workplace stress
  • Cause and prevention of workplace violence

Construction Activates Hazards and Control

  • The Scope of construction
  • Construction Hazards and Controls
  • The Management of construction activates

Working above ground level or where there is a risk of falling


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