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Education, training and coaching for all minds, careers and future opportunities


To improve the well-being of individuals and organizations through high quality education material and proper coaching by Experienced & Empowered Teachers (EETS) for producing a talent pool that caters for future Socio-economic needs at national and international level.

Marketing Slogan

Teachers for Talent to Trump (3Ts) !

Who are we?

MIIM is an innovative and pioneer institute committed to making learning & education facilities accessible to everyone regardless of age, qualifications, sex, marital status, or location for more than 20 years. We have the biggest range of certificates and diplomas that are certified by national and international accreditation bodies for jobs and further education at well reputed universities.

What are we good at?

  1. Helping students from all backgrounds and all ages, with or without prior experience and specific qualifications
  2. Successful crafting of the courses at per student choice and suitability for more than two decades
  3. Designing professional courses for the students that have only basic qualification
  4. Providing the certificates recognized by being the members of international and national accreditation and regulatory bodies
  5. Preparing our students for the job market and provide them with customized tools as per their career needs
  6. Assessing the capability of the students and provide tailor-made future planning guidance
  7. Serving the nation by transforming the unemployed national & global youth into human capital for their respective countries and play our part for the millennium goals of UN

Why choose us?

  1. We are the only educational institute certified by “LEARNTOBEGLOBAL”, an organization that recognizes international educational institutes for their handsome scope of services in terms of educational excellence
  2. We have the biggest range of courses and diplomas that have grown from some hundred to about 3600
  3. We have personal reservoir of books for all subjects being offered in two libraries
  4. We have designed each qualification to have employable skills that are demanded across variety of jobs and careers
  5. MIIM has over 20 years’ experience in education and training and fully accredited with government of Pakistan as Public Private Partner (PPP) as well as with International bodies
  6. We are delivering worldwide recognized professional qualifications which are equally acceptable for immigration and widely demanded in KSA, UAE, QATAR, OMAN,BAHRAIN, Kuwait, Malaysia, Scandinavian and many countries of the developed world





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